Quarter life crisis: fact or fiction?

imagesThis past Saturday was my 25th birthday, so let the quarter life crisis commence. Seriously though, 25 is quite a milestone and it is a little bit confusing. I feel too old to do certain things, but still too young to  do others. So where does that leave me? What am I meant to be doing? At this point my friends and family are spread out across the board. I still have friends my age who are perma-drunk and partying like they are still 19, dancing on tables, and falling on the floor – I am definitely passed that, and I’ve never danced on a table in my life. Then on the other side of the spectrum, one of my best friends is getting married this year, and another is expecting the birth of her first child. So again I must ask, where does that leave me? Where am I placed on the twenty-something scale of life?

January never really felt like the beginning of the year to me. I’ve always considered September and my birthday sort of the kick off points for positive change. Lucky for me they are pretty much 7 months apart, so it’s a good time span for that “re-start”, because we all know that we decide to change and strive for change multiple times during the year. The point is, I feel like (whether it is true or not) that by 25 I should have a really good sense of who I am as a person, and I honestly feel that I am still fluctuating somewhere between adolescence and adulthood. I should have felt like an adult by now, and I just… don’t. (Wait, the quarter life crisis, maybe this is a real thing?)
Again, the point is that I need to really start figuring out and evaluating myself and the direction of my life. Where do I want it to take me? Graduating from high school and getting to this point went by so fast, and I fear that one day I will be 55 and my whole life has slipped me by because I floated instead of taking charge.
This year has to be a year dedicated to real self-growth.


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  2. […] Quarter life crisis: fact or fiction? (unicornrevolution.wordpress.com) […]

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